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Swedes work an average of 1611 hours per year. 86% of the Swedes live in cities. Swedes have 480 paid parental days. 52% of the energy is renewable.

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( Gå som katten kring het gröt) 3. A Swede doesn’t tell you to “chill”… he asks you to “bring your Before diving into the details, here are some quick facts about Sweden that you must not miss to know! 52% of the energy in Sweden is renewable. This makes Sweden one of the most eco-friendly countries in the world. Swedes have 480 paid parental leave. Weirdo.

Sweden is officially called the Kingdom of Sweden. Around 2,000 years ago, the Svear people gave Sweden its name.

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that the Equality Ombudsman is sort of king and that Midsummer is a serious matter of fun and games. There are more than 1 million roof tiles covering approximately 1.62 hectares sitting over the structure.

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1-5 Sweden Facts 1. Sweden is so good at recycling that it has run out of rubbish and imports 80,000 tons a year from Norway. – Source 2.

It is bordered by Norway and Finland, and is connected to Denmark via a land bridge. The country is the third largest country in the European Union by area, but only is home to 9.5 million people, making its population density very low. 2013-10-11 Fun Fact Number 2 – Swedish has only been the official language of Sweden since 2009! Although Swedish is an ancient language, it has only been the official language of Sweden since 2009. Swedish is also one of the two official languages of Finland along with Finnish. In Swedish, the name for Sweden means “Our Kingdom.” 2019-06-05 C Swedish currency: Swedish Crown (SEK) B Skogens konung: moose; C King of Sweden: Carl XVI Gustav ; D Fika: Having a coffee and maybe some pastry; C Emil i Lönneberga; B Six in Swedish: sex; A Alfred Nobel's invention: dynamite; C Kebnekaise is Sweden's highest mountain; D Swedish national anthem: Du gamla, du fria; D ABBA Hit: Waterloo 2013-10-03 2019-08-15 The transportation department of the Swedish government works actively to reduce the number of traffic deaths each year to zero.
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If you speak Swedish, you can also understand Danish and Norwegian.. Sweden, Denmark, and Norwegian are close 2. Sweden means “our kingdom”..

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"rolig fakta" funny facts you can put very before, very  15 Swedish quotes about the weather.